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Relationship issues

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Listed Below are many relationship issues, yours may not be listed below but theres no need to suffer in silence

I am sure, all of us sometime in our lives have had to face at least one of them maybe even a few and we can remember exactly how it made us feel, maybe you are in a relationship that you know isn't right, but your scared of being alone. so you carry on this relationship, when you know your life could be so much better.
who can I talk to where can I turn, with relationship issues this is a tough question as a family member or close friend will always be on your side, not looking at it from a neutral view point. Hypnotherapy can help you escape that maze and confusion and help you make sense of it all. Bringing families and people closer together or helping you make that decision however hard it may be that this relationship should not continue for your well being.
How do I get out
Being adopted
Emotional Intimacy
Ending friendship
Fear of abandonment
Feel attractive now
Give your partner space
Love again
Put the spark back into
Sibling rivalry
Stop pushing people away
Trust again

Please do not hit me
Abusive Relationships
Choosing Mr Wrong
Ending a realtionship
Family gatherings
Fear of rejection
Insecurity in a relationship
Newly single
Stay Faithful
Surviving infidelity

Blaming others
End that affair
escape emotional abuse
Fear of commitment
Get over a relationship
Love your partner
Relationships with parents
Smooth divorce
Unrequited love

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