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Sports performance help with Hypnotherapy in Elland and Macclesfield

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We all know to be the best in your field not only requires physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle and more, but according to research has more to do with your mental attitude , your mindset, now to many this may be unthinkable, Take for example your Golf swing, its all about Muscle memory and posture and such. So why sometimes does it go wrong, why do you keep Hooking those shots, and then you find it hard to break that habit.

Do you always have that winning mindeset, before you set out, or do you hope for the best thinking " I may never beat Him" he's better than me. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy has been used by many top sports people, who openly admit to it, to help enhance their natural ability to help them get to the top of their game.

Your brain can’t distinguish between Virtual or reality , so just visualising that win, means your already on the way to better success, so how does Hypnotherapy help
1: It can improve your confidence and self belief
2: Yopu are able to let go of all your negative thoughts
3: INcrease drive and desire
4: Help you learn relaxation techniques, to help improve your focus and concentration
5: to help you focus on theoutcome and block out adverse distractions.

Tiger Woods is a very good example of a sports person who undertook Hypnotherapy to raise his game

If you feel you could benefit from a session or two(at the most), then please feel free to contact us and book your appointment
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