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Trauma and its effects

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When we suffer a trauma this can affect us in many different ways, physically and/or mentally. Our brain stores the event in a different area to that used in every day life. What this means is, unless we can actually take steps to address the trauma, it isn't going to go away on its own accord. Furthermore trauma can cause its own emotional side effects, so to treat trauma just as an emotion is going to make the whole process of change so much longer. However, using Hypnotherapy and accessing that part of the mind where the trauma is stored do help speed up the recovery process, clearing issues of trauma and abuse. In many cases, using hypnotherapy can allow the person to deal with the trauma without actually having to re-live the traumatic event itself.

Many of us suffer what we perceive as some form of traumatic event in our lives, but given the same event we all deal with it in different ways. The real question is do we actually deal successfully with the event? Or do we just store it away somewhere, where later in life it can raise its head again and again?
Some of the most common traumatic events people may encounter include
Bereavement from loss of a loved one or pet
Unsuccessful application for a job or promotion
A serious accident or witnessing such an event.
The breakup of a significant relationship
financial problems/debt.
Sexual Physical or Verbal Abuse
Domestic Violence
Heart attack, stroke or diagnosis serious diseases, injuries.

Freedomthroughhypnosis uses hypnotherapy to help people overcome their Traumas and carry on a normal life, if you feel its time you make that change and you would like to discuss a solution then please contact us using the contact page or call me direct on 07790 020 185

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