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Group Workshops in West Yorkshire

Let me ask you a question,
Is stress affecting your business? is it costing you time and money ?
are your staff regularly taking time of sick? leaving you to pay extra
overtime for your staff that do turn up? Stress is not only costing you
but also the tax payer billions of pounds a year, Do you pay expensive
insurance policies to protect yourself, from staff Illness? if so please read on.

Here at the Freedomthrough Group, we offer a one day workshop to cover
"Stress Management & well being" within the work place, that can be
carried out on site, at you place of work.

A minimum of five staff with a maximum of 20 per day,
all workbooks and materials are supplied by ourselves.

Course Objectives

It will provide you with the chance to :

Help make you and others more aware of stress and provide
the tools to deal with it To Implement techniques to reduce
those pressures which lead to stress Discuss ways to help you
and your colleagues cope with stress in and out of the workplace
Consider different personal and organisational coping strategies!

If you would like to see an out line of the course,
please feel free to contact us on our contacts page.

Health and safety executive RIDDOR "is the Reporting of Injuries,
Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995."

All employers have legal responsibility under the Health and
Safety at Work Act 1974 and Management of Health and Safety
at Work Regulations 1999 to ensure the health safety and welfare
at work of their employees. This includes minimising the risk of
stress-related illness or injury to employees.

Stress, depression and anxiety are the most common excuses for taking
time off sick with work related stress, affecting one in five people. Unless
workers and bosses take steps to combat stress in the workplace,
companies who ignore these figures do so at their peril, as they expose
themselves to legal action and fines.

What should you be doing ?
  • run a full risk assessment of your company to help identify and manage stress in the workplace.
  • develop a mental health policy, display it, use it and review it.
  • recognise that stress at work could be a symptom of problems at home. Provide support for staff via help lines which give access to legal, financial and personal advice which are a great way to provide confidential support to staff and relieve some of the pressures which may be contributing to a stressful environment
  • organise work to enable people to take regular breaks or changes of activity from their immediate working environment, even if it just means walking to the water fountain. Ensure workers take their full holiday allowance
  • train all your staff in understanding the health issues that may relate to stress
  • know how to look for the tell-tale signs such as extreme tiredness, frequent absence from work, accidents, "protective" body language and evidence of substance or alcohol abuse
  • People suffering from work related stress, depression and anxiety took more than five weeks (29.2 days) off work because of their complaint in 2001/2 accounting for 13.4 million working days lost.

Stress is among the biggest problems in British workplaces, with the cost to the British economy being estimated at £3.7 billion per year, but added to this figure is the immeasurable amount of personal cost that stress and economic inactivity bring.


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